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Does an Air Conditioner Help with Allergies?

July 15, 2019
Does an air conditioner help with allergies?

Does an air conditioner help with allergies? In one word, yes. Actually two words, yes if. If you properly maintain the air conditioner. Air conditioners can help filter your home’s air and control its humidity, which helps in the allergy world. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), it’s estimated there are…

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How Your AC Cools Your Home

June 22, 2019
how your ac cools

How Does Your Central Air Conditioner Cool Your Home? Aside from the professionals, like ours at Carbon Valley Heating and Air, who really thinks about air conditioners and their components? Air conditioners keep your Firestone, CO, home or business cool and comfy when the outside temperatures are high, and that’s all you really need to…

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Video – What Are Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing a New AC?

June 12, 2019
ac purchasing mistakes video.

It’s time to replace your old or broken AC unit in your Firestone home and you don’t want anything to go wrong with the new one. Avoid the common mistakes people make when purchasing a new air conditioner and learn how to prevent them.

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How to Get Rid of Humidity

July 6, 2018

If you weren’t already feeling the heat, additional humidity in your home can make it feel even hotter. This is because humidity prevents our bodies from being able to cool quickly, since our sweat can’t evaporate as effectively as it would in drier climates. This isn’t always a problem in Colorado, but during the summer…

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How to Stay Cool Without AC This Summer

June 26, 2018

Throughout Colorado there are many homes and apartments without air conditioning. With mild seasons and cool nights throughout the summer it is often not needed as you can lower the temperature in your home by opening the windows and letting the breeze roll in. Lately, temperatures seem to keep rising every year and in the…

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How to Prepare Your A/C for Summer

April 30, 2018

While we may still see snow in the months we typically consider to be summer, those days when the sun is shining means we’ll start to experience temperatures into the 70s, 80s, and even higher. Such is the way Colorado weather works. But, before you turn on your air conditioning system, it’s important to make…

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