2012 Free Furnace Giveaway Winner

FIRESTONE, CO— Safe and efficient furnaces may be something that we all take for granted on a cold winter’s night. In order to bring awareness around higher efficiency and safe operating heating equipment, Carbon Valley Heating and Air held a month long contest in October looking for the oldest furnace in the Carbon Valley area.  The winner would win a 92% efficient furnace along with free installation.

Carbon Valley Heating and Air owner Josh Robertson said, “It really is a great way to educate the local community on how much energy savings is possible by not only upgrading the efficiency, but also replacing a very old furnace that has lost efficiency over time.  Plus, giving away a furnace is the least we can do for a community that has given so much to us over the past 13 years”.

The winners are Leon and TJ Schweitzer of Firestone.  They were very excited to hear their 37 year old furnace was the oldest entry in the contest.  Although the Schweitzer house is 109 years old and they have been making improvements to the interior, the furnace was long overdue.  They decided to take advantage of their winnings and upgrade to an even more efficient furnace with two-stage heating, adding an efficient air conditioning system, adding comfort with a whole house humidifier, adding an air purifier, and adding a new wireless programmable thermostat.

The anticipated savings is huge in both their gas and electric bills. The AC replaced four window air conditioners and the efficient furnace will not only consume less natural gas but also less electricity to operate.  The air purifier will help with TJ’s asthma while the humidifier will help with comfort and dry noses.  Carbon Valley heating and Air requested copies of their utility bills for the year prior to the installation in order to track their savings and will do an energy savings comparison next year.

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