Thank you for your interest in joining the Carbon Valley Heating and Air team! Current openings are shown at the bottom of the page. Before you consider applying, please take some time to read about who we are and what type of person is most likely to thrive here. If you like what you see, please apply!

Who We Are

At Carbon Valley Heating and Air, our vision is to have a strong and profitable company with healthy growth which provides comfort to customers and Stakeholders using quality products. We work specifically with businesses and homeowners to help them get to their ideal comfort level. We promote knowledge and service. We care about our clients and prefer they have all of the knowledge needed to make decisions that work for their individual situations.

  • We are a strong company who provides comfort education, service, and products to families and businesses. We are not pushing for sales to our clients, we are here to serve. As a result, we lead by teaching from our experience and our knowledge. Over the past several years, the company has displayed unshakable acumen.
  • We believe in investing in our company and our Stakeholders through team building, cross education, and performance-based rewards.
  • We believe in Stakeholders who are committed to what we’re doing—not just someone who punches a time clock. We’re not interested in whose car was in the parking lot first or who left last. Our focus is on results, not activity.
  • We implement now and perfect as we go. Waiting around for perfection is a bad idea. Our ship is constantly moving, taking soundings as we go, and we’re prepared to change our course to meet the needs of our customers and Stakeholders.
  • We expect each Stakeholder to always ask: “What is the highest and best use of my time?”
  • We encourage Stakeholders to embrace trapeze moments and take the risk to grow personally, and to build a life they can enjoy for decades.

Who Will Thrive

If you like a fluid, growing, expanding organization that is local and looking to grow very quickly, and you enjoy helping figure out how to get there, we could be a good fit. If you are looking for a box within which is a clear list of tasks to perform and set times to be “at work”, please do not apply — we don’t see life that way.

If you enjoy meaningful work, a focus on results ahead of activity, working very closely with other Stakeholders and clients part of the time and completely on your own with no one watching at other times, we might be a good fit.

If You Find Fulfilment In…

…Managing projects – Planning and implementing short-term and long-term projects, with little or no supervision at times, with the freedom to use your own ideas, imagination and creativity.

…Performing a range of duties, from simple to very complex – Dependent upon position. Office work can range from copying and filing documents to researching and implementing a new service platform; field work can range from cleaning and organizing tools to installing full HVAC systems.

…Helping us build our brand – Cleaning up documents; making equipment and materials look more professional; distributing marketing materials provided; maintaining professional appearance; taking instruction on producing new materials.

…Acting as if you own the company – Taking initiative and ownership; making decisions; thinking ahead and being proactive (we don’t need “reactive”); working with others to constantly make things better; deliver better products and services with integrity every day.

…Using technology to work smarter, not harder – Using a wide range of software products and applications, including Google documents, forms, spreadsheets, calendar, Gmail, Microsoft Word and Excel, mobile applications for field associates, other field services and dispatching programs. We always have an eye open for the latest advancements in technology.

…Working together with a few other people in a committed community to live well by doing ‘good’, and to provide the customer the next level of comfort by transforming their indoor air quality, with a goal to serve the customer.

. . .Then we might be a good fit.

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING! Please apply below.

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