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The 2020 Oldest Furnace Contest is now CLOSED. Stay tuned.

We will be announcing the winner shortly.


Every year, Carbon Valley Heating & Air Seeks the Oldest Furnace in Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, Erie and Surrounding Areas*. 
As your area Heating and Air experts, we have a responsibility to raise awareness of the potentially harmful side effects of having an old furnace in your home. Did you know that a large portion of accidents involving gas furnaces are caused by faulty parts AND older furnaces that don’t comply with current standard safety codes are at an even higher risk? Possible consequences of an old or unmaintained furnace include house fires and excess gas emissions in your air, which may cause you or your family to become sick.
Not to mention that the inefficiency of older furnaces hurts the environment, and your wallet. Depending on the age and efficiency rating of your furnace, a potentially large amount of savings can be realized monthly when you upgrade to a new furnace. That’s good for your wallet. And the substantial decrease in air pollution — 20 times less pollutants — is good for the environment.
Any furnace more than 10 years old is a ripe candidate for replacement. The average life expectancy of a gas furnace is 12 years depending on the brand and maintenance performed over the life of the unit. As mechanical equipment ages, its performance degrades and becomes less efficient.
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*Homes must be located within the United Maintenance, Inc. dba Carbon Valley Heating and Air (CVHVAC) service area, defined as: Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, Erie and surrounding areas within 15 miles radius of 810 1st Street, Firestone, CO 80520 or a current SEA member.