4 Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace is Overheating

4 Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace is OverheatingIf you notice a burning smell coming from the heating and cooling vents in your home, or if your furnace
cycles off and will not turn back on again, that is a good indicator that your furnace is overheating.

Today’s furnaces are equipped with a built-in safety feature that turns your furnace off before any
components are damaged due to overheating. Even with this safety measure in place, having a furnace
that overheats is a major inconvenience.

If your furnace overheats, it may be due to one or more of the four reasons listed below.

Old age

The average lifespan of a furnace is between 15 to 25 years. While a quality furnace that is properly
installed lasts for a long time, it will not last forever.

Older model furnaces do not have the same security features as newer models. It is important to know
the model of your furnace and its age. Over time as it reaches the end of its life, the components of the
furnace may wear out and the furnace can overheat. It is wise to consider replacing your furnace if your
home heating equipment has been operating for more than a decade. A complete furnace replacement
will give you a furnace that performs with a higher efficiency all while keeping you and your home as
safe as possible.

Airflow issues

Airflow issues are the first thing to investigate when faced with a furnace that overheats. A dirty or
clogged air filter is the number one cause of airflow problems in an HVAC system.

Air filters are designed to trap dirt, dust mites, and other debris. A clean air filter will prevent these
airborne contaminants from clogging the ventilation system. When the ventilation system becomes
dirty or clogged, it impedes airflow. This forces your furnace to overwork and compensate for the
blockage of airflow. Be sure to check your air filter every month and replace it when necessary.

Dirty components

If your air filter is clogged by dirt, there is an increased likelihood that other furnace components are
dirty too. It is common for furnaces that run without a clean filter to contain working parts that have
been negatively impacted by dust and dirt accumulation. When the motor gets dirty and is unable to
ventilate itself, it will fail. This will eventually, lead to equipment failure.

Mechanical failure

When it’s cold outside, we rely on our Thornton HVAC system for the warmth and comfort we need. With regular
use, the motor fans and electrical wiring can undergo excessive strain and eventually fail. This is an
example of what causes your heating equipment to overheat. This is why it is important to have your
furnace inspected before the start of the Winter season.

Regular maintenance will keep your furnace in good condition during the Winter season and will prevent
premature failure.

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