4 Ways to Prevent Duct Contamination

Out of sight and out of mind, duct work can quietly and quickly contribute to poor indoor air quality, degrade health and affect HVAC system efficiency. Carbon Valley area experts recommend that you can take certain actions to avoid contamination in the first place, a method that offers a number of benefits in the long run.

By preventing problems, you’ll avoid having to pay significant amounts to clean up the ducts, repair certain portions and pay for the costs of removal and repair services.

Steps to healthy ductwork

It pays to follow recommended practices for avoiding contamination in the ductwork. A little time, effort and money spent up front ensures a healthy air-circulation system within your home.

1. Schedule preventive maintenance for heating and cooling systems every year. When a professional technician cleans the HVAC equipment regularly, dirt, mold and other biologicals are taken care of before they can access the ductwork, or your indoor air. The service also includes steps like checking refrigerant charge and cleaning the coils, along with numerous other maintenance practices designed to encourage peak efficiency from your HVAC system. Regular maintenance offers the distinct benefits of keeping your ducts and the HVAC system clean. It’s a no-brainer.

2. When taking on a renovation project within your home, be sure your building contractor seals the ductwork to prevent contamination from construction activities like sawdust from infiltrating the system.

3. Follow effective cleaning practices within your home, and you’ll positively affect the cleanliness of ducts. As the air circulates through the home, it will pick up any dust, contaminants and mold spores residing in occupied spaces and move them through the ductwork. Proper cleaning techniques and regular cleanings help prevent contamination of the ducts.

4.  Be aware of the connection between air intakes and sources of contamination. If a bathroom is particularly susceptible to moisture buildup and mold problems and there is an air intake register located near the source of contamination, it will move mold spores through the return-air ductwork, potentially contaminating the ducts and HVAC system.

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