4 Ways to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bills

Cold weather can mean a spike in energy costs. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for 56% of energy use in a typical American home.

Of course, we want you to spend your money wisely, which is why we came up with tips on how to save money on your winter heating bills. With these easy steps, you can stay warm, despite the harsh weather, and still cut cost on your energy bill.

Change furnace filters

Your furnace filter will get clogged up with dust over time. Because of the build up of dust, it may take longer than usual to keep your home warm. This puts added stress on your heating system. Changing the filter will not only prolong your furnace’s life, it can also save you 4 to 6% on heating costs. Replace your furnace filter every 3 months.

Watch the thermostat

Living a fast-paced life, it’s easy to forget to turn down the heat before leaving the house. But did you know that you’ll be able to save about 1 to 3% just by turning the thermostat down even just 1 degree?

Leave the oven door open

Leave the oven door open after using it so that the excess heat can circulate around the kitchen. This nifty little trick can provide that extra blast of warmth without having to reach for the thermostat. However, this is only ideal for homeowners who don’t have kids or pets. It can be quite dangerous with them roaming around the house.

Only heat the rooms you use

If there’s a certain room in your home you don’t often use, consider shutting off the vents and closing the door. You can also save $200 per year by using a space heater in rooms you use, and then setting the thermostat at 62 degrees. This is beneficial if you’re only using 1 room in your home.

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