5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

During the hot Firestone Colorado summer, temperatures creep up and up. The intense heat makes it impossible to sit comfortably, let alone muster up the motivation to do anything. Cranking up the air conditioner to create a nice, wintry environment sounds tempting, right? Then you get your costly utility bill. Yikes!

Here are several ways to keep your Firestone home cooler in summer while minimizing the use of your Firestone air conditioner:

Use ceiling fans

Fans are an effective way to move air around your home. If you know how to use it strategically, that is.

At the base of the ceiling fan, you will find a switch that changes the direction of the airflow. During the cooler months, your Firestone ceiling fans are set to spin clockwise. During the Firestone summer; however, you need to set the ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise. You want the fan to blow air straight down.

Avoid using the oven or stove

Instead of turning on the oven, consider firing up the grill to avoid generating more heat in the house. Salads and other room-temperature dishes are also perfect during the dog days of Firestone Colorado summer. We understand that you want to whip up something special for your family, but roast chicken or piping hot casserole will only leave you sticky and sweaty.

Keep the lights off

Take advantage of natural light during the summer by using lights minimally. As you probably know, light bulbs give off heat, so you want to keep the lights off as much as possible.  Since it usually doesn’t get dark until 8:00 pm in summer, try not to turn on the lights till then. If you’re feeling romantic, you might want to have a candle-lit dinner with your loved ones.

Power down appliances

Everything you plug into a socket produces heat and consumes energy, even if they aren’t turned on. You can reduce heat output and save money at the same time by unplugging all electronics and appliances when not in use.

Choose cotton

Bed linens that are made of cotton promote airflow and ventilation in the bedroom. We also suggest that you use light-colored linens at this time of the year to help keep you cool at night. Save the polysester, silk and satin sheets for the cooler months.

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