Added Protection to Make Your House Kid Friendly

Added Protection to Make Your House Kid Friendly  >This month is Electrical Safety Month! Protect what you hold most dear with some nifty gadgets that are easily available to childproof your plugs and outlets. Anyone who has been around a young child for any length of time knows that they are good at getting into EVERY thing. While an inquisitive mind is a great tool for learning, it can pose a serious risk when combined with an unprotected wall outlet or power cord.

Outlet covers – Outlet covers that you can slip into unused sockets are a great way to keep curious fingers and other object protected. These are great for any household and any budget.

Power strip safety cover- These go beyond your average outlet covers. Power strip safety covers enclose not only the outlet plugs but whatever is plugged in to them as well!

Plug cover – This is just like the power strip cover but for regular wall outlets so your tiny tots won’t be able to pull out the plug.

Shuttered sockets – Rather than dealing with individual plug protectors, shuttered sockets have a built in shutter than you can open and close without fear of losing them.

TV securing straps – While not necessarily directly related to your electrical system, these straps are used to secure your TV to the wall so it can’t topple over. These are good for houses with pets, too!

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