Carbon Valley Heating and Air Gives Away a Furnace

Winter in Colorado often highlights the necessity of a well-tuned furnace and an energy efficient home. Homeowners, however, often don’t think about their furnace unless a heating issue arises.

To bring awareness to increasing home heating efficiency and living with a safer furnace, Carbon Valley Heating and Air hosted their third annual month-long contest to seek the oldest furnace in the Carbon Valley area. Kelly Matthies of Carbon Valley Heating and Air explains, “Our purpose in giving away a furnace is two-fold.  First, we want to educate the community at large about the potential dangers of having an old furnace. Second, we want to help one specific family realize increased safety and comfort by replacing their old furnace with a new one.”  The older the furnace, the greater likelihood of hidden dangers and unsafe conditions.

Giving away a furnace generates some very important and timely attention and gets people to think about their own safety and comfort, before there’s a problem. New furnaces operate more efficiently than older furnaces.  So even, if the old furnace is operating safely and seems to keep the family comfortable, replacing it will still result in energy savings and a lower operating cost.  By comparing energy usage between the old and new furnaces, we can demonstrate real-life proof of energy and cost savings.

This year’s winner was Karl Brandenburg, a customer of Carbon Valley Heating and Air since 2013 Karl currently has a 42 year old Holly LSI furnace installed and is in the process of choosing one of our 80% efficient furnaces to install as his replacement. As a runner up in the contest last year, Karl was very excited to be this year’s winner!

As part of the contest, Karl has agreed to provide copies of his utility bills for the year prior to and the year following the installation in order to track his new savings.  Carbon Valley Heating and Air will do an energy savings comparison next year and publish the results.

Our number one priority is the safety of you, our customer.  Once we know you’re safe, it is our mission to make you as comfortable in your home as possible.  No two homes have the exact same needs, so our technicians work closely with you to help you decide what comfort options best fit your needs and budgets.  We believe in educating our customers.  A well-informed customer makes more knowledgeable decisions.

Carbon Valley Heating and Air is a family-owned and operated business which specializes in the troubleshooting, repair, and installation of air conditioning, heating, and air quality systems in both residential and light commercial buildings.

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