Carrier Indoor Air Quality

Comfort™ EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter

Comfort™ EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter

  • Category Price: $
  • Product Line: Air Cleaners - Comfort Series
  • Comfort Features: Good
  • Efficiency: MERV 10
  • Performance: Standard Filtration
  • Type: Cabinet with replaceable filter
  • Filter Type: MERV 10
  • Application: Inline with ductwork
  • Capture rate / particle size: Up to 65% / 1.0-3.0 micron
  • Germicidal rate: n/a
  • Patented Captures & KillsTM technology: NA
  • Proven effective against: n/a
  • Sound Level: Silent
  • Proposition 65 Product Warnings: Not Applicable

The EZ Flex system provides whole home air filtration using a high efficiency filter. The deep-pleated style of its MERV 10 filter keeps air flowing while removing up to 65% of airborne particles as small as 1.0 micron.

Infinity® Air Purifier

Infinity® Air Purifier

  • Category Price: $$
  • Product Line: Air Cleaners - Infinity Series
  • Comfort Features: Best
  • Efficiency: MERV 15
  • Performance: Germicidal
  • Type: Air purifier system
  • Filter Type: MERV 15
  • Capture rate / particle size: Up to 95%
  • Germicidal rate: Up to 99%
  • Patented Captures & KillsTM technology: True
  • Proven effective against: human influenza, common cold surrogate, Streptococcus pyrogenes
  • Proposition 65 Product Warnings: 343824-2 Lead and Lead Compounds

Infinity air purifier works silently in-line with your HVAC system and can make the air you breathe healthier. It uses Captures & Kills™ technology to trap up to 95% of particles1, then uses an electrical charge to kill or inactive them.

Independent testing has proven the Infinity air purifier's effectiveness against 3 pathogens including the common cold surrogate.

With every cycle of air that passes through this patented air purifying system, pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants are trapped and held tightly to the filter. An electrical charge then bursts the cell walls of pathogens it comes in contact with.