How to Be an Energy-Efficient Pet Owner

Winter is upon us! The weather outside is frightful, and so are your energy bills. Most homeowners would crank up the heat to maintain a comfortable temperature. This, of course, can lead to a high energy bill.

Because of the colder weather and higher fuel costs, the Energy Information Administration projects that Americans are likely to pay about 15% more on their heating bills this winter.

In the hopes of reducing their home heating bills, some homeowners lower the temperature by a few degrees before leaving for work. While this can be a cost-effective way to save money and energy, pet owners aren’t keen on the idea as they are worried their pets will feel cold while they’re gone for the day. Because of this, some pet owners leave the heat on all day, which can be very expensive in this age of escalating energy prices.

We understand that you love your pets and you only want what’s best for them. However, those hard-earned dollars are often spent on things that aren’t really necessary.

Don’t be afraid to turn down the heat

To keep those costs under control while making sure your pets remain comfortable during the winter, it can be helpful to learn more about how your pet’s body works.

Dogs and cats have their own internal thermostat. In fact, many of them have a better capability of surviving cold temperatures than humans. They have their own ways of dealing with cold temperatures. So, don’t be afraid to set your thermostat a little lower while you’re away. You may not be comfortable setting the temperature below 72 degrees, but your pet will be.

Cats have very thin skin and are more vulnerable to cold weather as compared to dogs. But during the winter in Dacono, CO, it’s not uncommon to find your cat curled up in the sunniest spot. This is their way of coping with the cold weather. Even if you turn down the heat while you’re out of the house, your cat will still be fine as long as you have an area in your home that’s free from extreme temperatures.

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