Is your furnace ready for a drop in temperatures?

An ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure, they say. As the temperatures begin to drop, many of you are starting to think about turning on your heating system. Unfortunately, most homeowners in Erie will wait until the last minute to schedule their yearly maintenance.
furnace maintenance in Colorado

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, it is possible that your furnace may wear out or simply stop working at the worst possible time, leaving your family without heat during the coldest part of the year.

Although most homeowners can handle basic furnace maintenance, furnace manufacturers recommend annual maintenance by a qualified technician. This is especially important for those whose HVAC equipment is over 10 years old. Professional furnace tune-ups will help keep your system working at peak efficiency and continue to do so throughout the winter. It also helps prolong the life of your heating equipment. A well-maintained heating system experiences considerably fewer breakdowns.

It is also important to note that fall is a busy time for furnace technicians in Erie, CO. This means you may have to wait for several hours to a few days before someone becomes available. Because your furnace is no longer working, your home may go from chilly to downright freezing as you wait for the technician to arrive. Don’t wait until it breaks down to call a professional.  Getting your furnace tuned up before the cold weather kicks in for good means you can get a quick service and ensure that warm air will infiltrate your home throughout the winter.

Call Carbon Valley Heating and Air and have your furnace checked out by a professional today. You don’t want to be left in the cold in Erie, CO due to a malfunctioning heating system. ]

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