Around the House Newsletter: September 2015

Are your Air Ducts Making you Sick?

The air you breathe has a substantial effect on your family’s health. It may sound surprising, but your house can actually be making you sick.

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Carbon Valley Heating & Air Seeks Oldest


Enter our Oldest Furnace Contest for your chance to win a free furnace! So show us what you’ve got. If you have the oldest furnace in town, we’ll give you a new furnace for FREE. All homeowners are encouraged to enter and one grand-prize winner will become the owner of a new furnace. Three lucky runner-ups will receive a free carbon monoxide detector. Head to our website and complete the online entry form. Entries will be verified by November 17, 2015.

Visit our website or give us a call today to learn the complete details. *Please refer to terms and conditions for complete contest rules.

How to Properly Maintain your Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance to ensure the efficiency of the equipment. Neglecting necessary maintenance increases energy consumption and ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance.

Simple Home Hack

When traveling, tie a small piece of bright-colored fabric to your luggage as a way to more easily pick it out.

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