HVAC Issues That Affect Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Issues That Affect Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a major concern for Brooomfield homeowners, business owners, employees and building managers because it affects the comfort, health and well-being of those people who stay in that building several hours a day.

Studies have shown that the quality of air inside the home or office is worse than the quality of air outdoors. Exposure to poor air quality may result in health problems or may even exacerbate existing health conditions. What people fail to realize is that their Broomfiled HVAC system, especially when not properly maintained, may contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Here are 3 HVAC issues that may affect your Broomfield indoor air quality.

Clogged air filters

A clogged air filter will allow dust, dirt and other debris to be re-circulated back into your home, which contribute to unhealthy air. This pumps your home full of dust and allergens. Overtime, your family or your employees may be complaining about itchy red skin, headaches, nasal stuffiness and asthma attacks.

Indoor air quality may be worse if you smoke or own pets. Be sure to check your Broomfield air filters every month and replace them when needed. This simple task will help improve your health, reduce stress on your HVAC system and help you save money on your bills.

Dirty air ducts

Germs and other microorganisms can dwell in the ductwork. Dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander and other contaminants may irritate the throat, nose and lungs, which may keep someone in your home feeling ill all the time.

When your home or office begins to feel stale and stuffy day after day, consider having your ducts cleaned and inspected. This will not only address air flow issues, but the indoor air quality issues as well.

Lack of ventilation

Poor indoor air quality occurs when not enough fresh air is introduced inside your home or office. Since most Broomfiled homeowners turn on the air conditioner round-the-clock in summer and the furnace during the winter months, this becomes a problem.

Since doors and windows are kept shut and the indoor air environment is bad, this triggers allergy and asthma attacks. Remember, asthma and allergies get worse in an environment with poor air quality.

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