A New Furnace is a Good Investment for Your Home

A New Furnace is a Good Investment for Your HomeYour family’s comfort during the frigid winter months greatly depends on your heating system. If it is suffering from frequent breakdowns or requiring costly repairs its probably time to consider replacing your old model.

Here are 2 good reasons why a new furnace is a good investment for your home.

Energy Efficiency Saves Money

According to the Energy Information Administration, the average household spends about $928 a year on heating. This can certainly put a dent into household budgets every winter, especially around the holidays. And the cost can be higher if you have an older, inefficient furnace.

If your furnace has been servicing you for more than 10 years already, odds are you’re spending a pretty penny on your monthly heating bill.

New furnace models are more energy efficient than the older ones. If your primary cause is lowering energy bills and improving energy efficiency is your primary focus, make sure that the new furnace is installed properly by a trained Erie HVAC technician.

Increase the Value of Your Home

When shopping for a new home, homebuyers check every nook and cranny. A home inspector will come in to determine the overall condition of the property, including the age and condition of the furnace.

Considering how much a new HVAC system would cost, buyers factor in the condition of the HVAC system into their buying decision. Investing in a new furnace can help increase the value of your home and move-in ready condition.

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