Signs Your Air Conditioner is Low on Refrigerant

Signs Your Air Conditioner is Low on Refrigerant

Loss of refrigerant is a frequent trouble that crops up for Erie Colorado air conditioners. Refrigerant isn’t something that is used up while the air conditioner is running. That means, you don’t have to worry about losing it even if the is operating 24/7, unless you have a leak in your system.

Refrigerant leaks can cause all sorts of problems. Worse, your Erie AC can break down entirely. It is important to know the signs of a refrigerant leak in order to minimize the amount of damage that it can cause.

Here are 3 signs your Erie air conditioner is low on refrigerant.

Loss in cooling capability

Your Erie AC needs refrigerant to cool the air. Its function is to absorb heat from the inside and move the hot air outside; thus, allowing cold air to enter your home. If you feel the AC is not cooling as much as usual, a refrigerant leak could be to blame.

Without refrigerant, the air that comes out of your Erie AC may not be as cold as it should be. Your Erie air conditioner will be nothing more than a large fan.

Refrigerant line has ice on it

You know there is a leak in the system when you notice frost build-up on the fan motors, tubes, hoses, pipes and others. Refrigerant is a gas that will freeze nearly anything it touches. The frozen parts are where the refrigerant flows.


Leaks in the system do not get smaller. In fact, it can increase in severity over time. Failure to address the problem may cause the Freon to drain from the air conditioner. Eventually, you may hear some bubbling or hissing sounds while the air conditioner is working. This means that some air bubbles started to form on the refrigerant lines. Call an HVAC technician and turn off the AC if you hear this sound.

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, contact Carbon Valley Heating and Air. We’ll figure out what’s wrong with your Erie AC and deal with the problem in the soonest possible time.


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