Spring TLC For Your Home

Finally, there is an end in sight to this long, bleak winter! March 20th is the first day of Spring and, though it may not feel like it just yet, the warmth is on its way. While everyone is dusting off their warm weather clothing and packing up their sweaters and thick overcoats, our houses are ready to get some much-needed attention, as well.

Spring Home Checklist

Check your roof – Snow is heavy. Anyone who has had to shovel their drive knows that all too well. Think about what your roof has had to deal with all winter! This is especially important on older houses or houses that haven’t had roof inspections in a few years.

Clean your gutters – The sooner you can clean your gutters out, the better. Debris will hinder the flow of water for melting snow, if you still have some, and for springtime rain showers.

Check your paint – Paint on the outside of your house has to handle a lot in the winter months. Check for any chips, cracks or dings. This may even be a good time to brighten your home with a new color!

Check your HVAC units – Make sure that any exterior units were not damaged and make sure to keep changing your filters regularly. Spring means more pollen, too, so make sure your ducts are clear and ready to cool your home.

Don’t forget the attic – Your unused attic is prime real estate to critters seeking refuge against the cold. Make sure that no one has made your attic their new home!

Clear your lawn – Make way for new growth by clearing any debris, leaves or fallen branches that may have accumulated. If you have any automatic sprinkler systems, this is a good time to make sure they are still in proper working order.

Inspect your plumbing – Make sure that any exposed pipes or spigots weren’t damaged in the cold. Even if there is no outstanding issue, you may catch a problem before it becomes severe!

Audit your electrical system – Powering your house during the winter takes a lot of energy. Make sure that your system isn’t over taxed and is still in proper working order.

Check your tools – While you are working around your yard and home, remember to make sure that your gadgets and tools that have been stored are still working properly first. Something like a chewed electrical cord can give you a really bad day!

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