Tips on Improving the Indoor Air Quality in Your Firestone Home


You may not know it, but the air inside your home can be more dangerous to your health than the air outside. This scary fact is more evident in the winter months, when the windows are all kept closed so that the heat won’t escape. This allows warm, but stale air to circulate around your household, causing various kinds of breathing disorders and other illnesses. This is why making sure that the Firestone indoor air quality in your home is at healthy levels is important.


Here are some tips that you can use to improve indoor air quality at home:


  1. Indoor plants – Plants can help freshen up the air inside by converting the carbon dioxide in people’s breaths into oxygen. Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that plants suck up the oxygen in a room when night falls, it is just a myth so put in as many plants as you like.
  2. Do not smoke indoors – This one is pretty obvious, but it can be hard for smokers who cannot help themselves. Second hand smoke is much more dangerous than the smoke that smokers get when puffing on a cigarette, so the people around them are the one’s that really in danger because of smoking. So if you value the health of the people around you, if you have to smoke do it outside, or at least in a room that has good ventilation.
  3. Use humidifiers – In the winter months the air becomes dry and difficult to breathe, in fact when the humidity in the air drops to below 30% it can be dangerous to your health. So during the winter months always use a humidifier to increase the humidity; it also helps in warming up a room nicely.
  4. Check for mold – The spores from mold in the walls and ceilings pose a more dangerous threat to your health than the pollution outside. So have a specialist check for mold in your home and have it treated immediately when they are found.
  5. Frequent maintenance of the air conditioning and heating system – A good way to improve indoor air quality is to have a qualified HVAC contractor do preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system regularly. Changing filters and cleaning out the duct-works can do wonders in improving the air that you breathe.
  6. Vacuum frequently – Dust particles in the air are the most likely suspects why people get allergies. To prevent them from getting airborne, when you see that dust is already settling on your furniture you should vacuum them thoroughly. Be sure to use a vacuum that has a Firestone HEPA filter attachment so that it would not release any microscopic dust particles in the air as you clean.


If you take these simple tips into consideration, the indoor air quality in your home will greatly improve. Making a healthy environment for your family to live in is your responsibility, so keep them healthy by making sure that the air they breathe inside the home is clean.



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