Get out of the winter funk


Did you know that there is an actual type of depression that occurs with certain seasons? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is usually most prevalent during the winter and it’s not difficult to see why. If you find it hard to shake off the winter blues, maybe it’s time to be proactive!

Here are some ways to beat the winter funk:

Light and bright – Get out into the sun whenever you can or even a short vacation to a sunny spot. Try wearing some bright and cheery colors to combat the winter gloom.

Work out – Aerobic exercise is a mood booster. Try to exercise a little bit every day and you will start to feel better! You could even try to find a sport to join and get a double boost – exercise and socializing.

Eat right – Oh, we know how easy it is to immediately head for the comfort food, but it will only harm you in the end. Don’t forget protein for extra energy and to stay warm, try low sodium broth based soups with veggies.

Don’t oversleep – Fight the urge to stay snuggled for too long. It will make you feel groggy and not well-rested at all. Try to get up early to take advantage of as much sunlight as possible.

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