2018 Oldest Furnace Contest

2018 Carbon Valley HVAC oldest furnace contest.

Each year, we set out to find the oldest furnace in the Firestone, CO area. While your furnace may still be dutifully heating your home, there’s a chance it will begin to show issues with reliability and its efficiency in keeping you warm will start to wane. Because the middle of winter is the worst time to realize you need a new furnace, we make it our mission to raise awareness of the harmful side effects of having an old furnace in your home by hosting the annual Oldest Furnace Contest.

Routine maintenance can help increase the longevity of your furnace and allow it to run strong all winter long, but as furnaces age they do not work as well as they once have. In fact, the average life expectancy of a furnace is around 12 years, even with scheduled repairs. Beyond that, mechanical components can begin to fail and these old furnaces do not heat your home as well as they used to.

To make sure you won’t go cold this winter and you can trust your furnace to heat your home efficiently and safely, enter our Oldest Furnace Contest. We’re looking for furnaces that are long past their expiration date and we want to give you a brand new one to replace that old, worn out unit.

Health Benefits

Besides having questionable reliability, old furnaces can be detrimental to your health. This is especially true for those furnaces older than 10 years as the safety standards that were in place then were much different than they are now. By installing a new furnace, you can expect up to 20 times less pollutants in your home’s air. Newer units do a much better job at keeping the air clean as well as cutting back on gas emissions.

Older units could also have worn out, faulty parts. When these components finally give way, your furnace could become a fire hazard.

Newer Furnaces are More Efficient

Besides being much safer for you and your family, a newer furnace is also more efficient. Those old worn out parts that are prone to failure degrade the performance of your furnace over time. So while it once was able to run smoothly, you may notice some additional knocking, clunking, or even leaking coming from your system. These are all signs that your furnace is not able to perform as well as it has in the past.

When these components age and the furnace becomes less efficient at heating your home, your energy costs can increase. If you’ve noticed a steady increase in how much you’re paying every year, then a newer furnace can help get those energy costs under control.

What You’ll Win

By entering the Annual Oldest Furnace Contest, you’ll have a chance to win a brand new furnace for your home. We encourage everyone to enter, too as the 3 runner ups get a free carbon monoxide detector.

Enter the Oldest Furnace Contest

To enter the 2018 Oldest Furnace Contest, fill out the form below by October 31, 2018. To learn more about furnaces, their maintenance, and upgrading your unit, contact us at 720-358-0753.


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