3 Tips to Maintain Efficient Air Conditioning Operation

With the rising energy cost, most people are looking for ways to save money in any way they can. One of the best ways to save money on cooling cost is to ensure that your air conditioning system is operating at the highest efficiency. This will not only reduce your energy cost; it also helps extend its lifespan. Hence, allowing you to save thousands and thousands of dollars in the long run.

Here are some tips to maintain efficient air conditioning operation.

Perform regular maintenance on your A/C unit

Call a professional and have your air conditioning system checked and maintained regularly. This will help keep your air conditioner up to standards and running at peak efficiency.

During your appointment, a professional will check your unit and determine existing and potential problems. They’ll fix them on the spot to avoid bigger repair problems in the future. Professionals can also offer some suggestion on how you can make it run more efficiently. It can be less expensive to address the problem now than to call in a professional to repair it later on.

Change A/C filters regularly

Dirty air filters will cause your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to; thus, increasing energy cost. It is also the cited as the number one reason why systems fail. Ultimately, dirty filters can also affect your health.

There are different types of air filters, and each type has a different lifespan. Some needs to be changed every month while others can last for a few months. Frequency may also vary depending on the number of people living in the house, if you have pets or if you smoke. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend checking on your air filters every month, and then change them when necessary. Do this when you pay your electricity bill every month, so you won’t forget it.

Keep your A/C in the shade

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, shading your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser will improve your ACs efficiency by as much as 10%. This is because it cools down the air around it, so it doesn’t have to work as much to cool the air before blowing it into your home.

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