Common Air Conditioner Issues Faced During Peak Usage

Sizzling summers are a gruelling marathon for your air conditioner. While most air conditioners have a long lifetime, they can go awry sometimes. One of the most nagging inconveniences during the hottest months of the year is when your cooling system breaks down.

Here are 4 common air conditioner problems that can arise this summer in Dacono, CO.

It doesn’t produce cool air

This should be immediately noticeable considering that it’s your air conditioner’s job to produce cool air for your home.

A clogged air filter could hinder the airflow. When was the last time you changed your air filter? If you can’t remember, it is likely that your AC system is suffering from an obstruction of airflow. If the problem persists after changing the air filter, you may be low on refrigerant. Or maybe your Dacono HVAC system is in dire need of maintenance.

Call a professional to troubleshoot and fix the problem for you.

It won’t turn on

Just because your air conditioner won’t turn on, doesn’t mean it’s broken. Before calling a technician, try lowering the thermostat by 5 degrees or check to see that the air conditioner is firmly plugged to power source. If it’s still not working, it is likely that a blown fuse is what’s causing the problem.

It makes weird noises

Do you hear a ticking, rattling or buzzing noise when your air conditioner operates? This could indicate problems ranging from a loose screw to a belt problem or problems with the motor’s bearing.

A professional HVAC technician in Dacono, CO will be able to assess the problem, determine what needs to be done and fix it properly.

Ice on the system

The main function of your cooling system is to cool your home down, but there is no benefit to ice developing on your AC system.

If your air conditioner freezes up during operation, it’s a sure sign that your AC is not operating properly. It is certainly a cause for concern. If you hear what sounds like chunks of ice dropping, it is likely that there is ice in the unit. Turn off the unit immediately and call a professional to have it checked immediately. If left unattended, this can cause serious damage to your cooling system.

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