The Age-Old Struggle with the Temperature – House Zoning

The Age-Old Struggle with the Temperature – House Zoning

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Before the time of indoor climate control, the temperature was either cold or hot. Not a lot of wiggle room. The invention of the HVAC unit took the world by storm and there was much rejoicing… and then the argument started. Some like it hot, some like it cold. There is no such thing “just right.” Most of us can compromise with our housemates but then the holidays descend and your house becomes a mingling throng of different opinions.

What can you do?

Luckily there is a solution. House zoning allows you to have complete control over the temperature of certain rooms. So if you like it a comfy 74 degrees but your cousin is secretly a polar bear and needs it to be colder, it can happen!

System zoning is also useful in houses that have rooms that do not heat and cool the same as the rest of your house like basements, climate controlled sunrooms or converted attics. Zoning can be used to save money if you have rooms that are only rarely used like guestrooms. You can simply close the damper and turn the system off instead of waste energy to cool or heat an empty space.

There are several types of zoning systems available and, in some cases, you can even retrofit a current system to include zoning. Contact us today to learn more about system zoning and how it can help you!

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