How to Deal with Holiday Stress

How to Deal with Holiday Stress

Photo of thanksgiving turkey
The holiday season has arrived. For some it’s a time to shine with party planning abilities and whipping up dinners that would feed an army. For the rest of us, it means the stress of forgetting that Great Aunt Hilda can’t eat sweet potatoes or that cousin Jimmy is allergic to turkey. Oops. What do you do now?

Stop and sniff the candles – It’s no secret that smells can affect our mood. When trying to calm down and de-stress, a calming candle can do a world of good. Citrus scents have been shown to relax people, or, while you’re at it, pick up a holiday scent like spiced apple or gingerbread.

Make a list – This one seems like a given but it is incredibly easy to overlook certain tasks unless you have a concrete schedule. Make a list of everything you need to do and want to accomplish and stick to it. Carry the list with you everywhere, just in case!

Don’t skip your exercise routine – Exercise releases endorphins and can help keep your mood elevated. Even if you swamp out your mile walk around the block for a mile walk around the shopping mall, you will notice a difference!

Take a long bath – Take time to yourself, even if it is momentary. Throw in some aromatic bath salts or bubble bath and read your favorite book or just try to think happy thoughts!
Don’t try to overdo it – The best way to burn yourself out this holiday season is to overestimate time constraints or your budget. Plan for what you can do, not what you think everyone expects of you. It’s a time for making good memories with your family so have fun!

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