April Showers Bring May Flowers

rain-water-damage-hvac-firestoneIt’s an age-old saying that reminds us that we must deal with a bit of discomfort before we can enjoy the fresh blooms that follow. It also has a ring of truth since April is traditionally a rainy period. And with a lot of rain, comes a lot of room for floods, leaks and soggy shoes.

While we can’t help you with the soggy shoes, we can perhaps offer some advice on what you can do to protect your house from the rain:

Leaks be gone! – Water is extremely good at finding every nook, cranny and crack your home has to offer. Make sure you fix any leaks your home may have including around your window seal, in your ceiling, siding, etc. Letting leaks go unchecked is only inviting water damage into your house.

Reinforce your roof – Springing for extra roof protection can really pay off in the end. If you are in an especially rainy area, ask your local roofing professional about a waterproof seal. At the very least make sure that your shingles are all secure.

Clear your gutters – Rain gutters are used to carry rain away from your house. If leaves and twigs are blocking the flow, water will collect and create a curtain that can erode your foundation, back up on your roof and be an all around nuisance. In order to avoid clogs altogether, invest in some gutter covers.

Protect your HVAC – The outdoor HVAC unit, the condenser, can be exposed to water damage. To protect it from rain, invest in a cover and make sure that water is properly diverted off your roof so you don’t have a waterfall battering the unit. For areas prone to flooding, you might want to consider installing your unit on a raised concrete slab.

Invest in a pump – If you have a house that is prone to flooding (especially with a basement) you may want to invest in a sump pump to help remove any standing water. An inexpensive solution is a battery powered sump pump.

Be prepared – Having a plan will help you more than anything. Always have an emergency kit  ready in case the power goes out. Don’t forget batteries, bottled water, battery powered lights and radio and food that you can prepare without using power. Catalog expensive items for insurance purposes or move them to a safer location and always have numbers of emergency personnel written where you can easily get to them.

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