Plant a Tree!

plant-a-tree-hvac-firestoneApril 22nd is Earth Day and the last Friday in April (this year, the 24th) is Arbor Day. Could there be a better time to liven up your yard with a new tree or two?

What are some easy trees to plant?

Not all of us have a yard that would support huge shady trees. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find a few low-maintenance trees that will increase curb appeal and appease your need for trees.  Here are some easy ones:

Crape Myrtle – They can survive in a wide range of climates and aren’t afraid of droughts. The do need a light bit of pruning but can really grow to be a wonderfully shady flowering tree.

Fig Tree – Figs are one of the easier fruit-bearing trees and are pretty easy to handle provided they get plenty of sun.

Maple Tree – Maples aren’t picky about soil and turn lovely colors as the seasons change. They are hardy and aren’t affected by diseases that would otherwise ruin trees like ash or elms.

Blue Spruce – This tree can thrive almost anywhere but do prefer a bit a room. Birds love to nest in these trees so be sure to keep a bird feeder nearby!

Magnolia – Magnolia is another tree that isn’t bothered by soil or environments, although they do better in rich, well-draining loams. When they bloom, they are gorgeous and fragrant!

Trees to Avoid:

These trees are prone to disease, invasive root systems, massive amounts of pollen and a plethora of other high-maintenance issues that may be way more trouble than they are worth.

Quaking Aspen – While aspens are extremely beautiful, their root systems know no bounds, especially when comes to concrete walkways and underground pipes! Did you know that the largest living organism is thought to be an Aspen root system called Pando? It’s estimated to be 80,000 years old and weighs 6,600 tons. Whew!

Willow Tree – A willow’s roots are relentless in their search for water and have even been known to pierce pipelines and irrigation systems when trying to find a water source. Yikes!

Eucalyptus – One of the biggest unexpected downfalls of a eucalyptus is its ability to shed a resin-filled branch without any notice. Think about what that could do to a fence or your roof not to mention if someone is unlucky enough to be standing under one.

Mountain Cedar – Allergy sufferers need to stay far, far away from these trees. They are known for releasing MASSIVE amounts of pollen in the cooler months.

Black Walnut – Black walnuts can really go bump in the night! The large fruit are the size of tennis balls and aren’t concerned with where they live. Black walnut trees also secrete a toxin that will kill nearby plants.

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