It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas

There are certain smells that we always will equate with Christmas- freshly baked gingerbread cookies, the warm scent of apple cider, the earthy scent of a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, some of us can’t adequately enjoy these smells because of increasing sneezing attacks and constant sniffling that go hand-in-hand with colder weather. If you add a few house guests to the mix, you’re talking about a germ minefield.
Indoor air quality is something that should always be improved, especially in the winter when you can’t open your windows to let in fresh air or if you suffer from allergies. Your house basically becomes a closed circuit that recycles old, stale air and pushes around dust particles with nowhere for them to go. In fact, did you know that the EPA ranks poor indoor air quality among the top public health risks?
Investing in indoor air quality control like air purifies and humidifiers can help reduce airborne irritants and control the moisture levels of your home (one of the biggest problem during winter) to make sure that you breathe only the finest air. Whole house air purifiers and cleaners will help curb the likelihood of flu viruses and colds being transmitted to other household members, too.
So this holiday season, why not treat you and your loved ones to the gift of good air?

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