O Tannenbaum – What Should You Do With Your Old Tree?

Right now your Christmas Tree is festive and glowing. It’s one of the best parts about holiday décor, after all. However, after Christmas has passed and the time has come to reluctantly pack up all of your lights and ornaments, your tree becomes a little inconvenient. It obviously won’t fit in the trash can and not all waste disposal services will take the tree… so now what?
For the birds – Your tree will make a great bird paradise. Hang a couple of feeders and adorn with suet or peanut butter and your feathery friends will be very thankful.
Mulch – The needles from your old tree are great for mulching because they won’t mold but they hold a good amount of moisture. You can run the whole tree through the chipper for nice, natural mulch.
Plant it! – If you are able to go to a tree farm, ask if you can get your tree with roots still attached so you can plant it and enjoy year-round.
Yard Décor – You can cut the trunk into discs and edge your garden with them or create designs in your flower beds. The possibilities are endless! You can also use the thin discs as coasters
Flower Bed Insulation – Cut the boughs off into manageable sizes and lay them over your perennial beds to keep them warm and safer from frost.
Plant Stakes – Use stripped branches and natural stakes to hold up top heavy plants in pots or in your garden.
Bonfire! – Dried out boughs are great starters for bonfires. Never burn them in an indoor fireplace, though. The fumes can be harmful.

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