Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Home

With winter coming to an end, we can finally look forward to warmer days and longer nights. Spring is the season of open windows, cool breezes, and the types of weather that only require a light sweater for heading outside.

But when the spring sun starts shining into your home , you may notice a dusty sheen on your more untouched surfaces. With the windows and doors sealed up all winter, dust and dirt settles into your home with no way to escape.  

So while the trees outside start to grow new leaves, it’s the perfect time to make the inside of your home as fresh and renewed as the outdoors. Toss those windows open, let the stuffy, winter air waft out to be replaced with fresh air, and get down to giving your home a spring cleaning.

The Ritual of Spring Cleaning

The practice of spring cleaning started long before homes had electricity. During the winter, coal and wood was burned to keep homes warm, leaving behind a layer of soot on most surfaces. When the doors could finally be opened without releasing valuable heat, all of that dirt could finally be swept out.

Luckily we have modern heating systems, like furnaces or radiant heat systems to keep our homes cozy when the temperature dips. Yet, the need for spring cleaning still remains and being able to watch the sun slip below the horizon while relaxing in the evening is much better done in a clean, clutter free home.

Start Your Spring Cleaning

Ready to get started with your spring cleaning? Follow our checklist on how to tackle your own spring cleaning project and get your home in order so you can enjoy the spring and summer months to come.  These are the basics to get you started, and once you’ve tackled these you may find yourself wanting to clean other spaces – like the patio, garage, or finally digging into those closets that need organizing.

Dust All Surfaces

We recommend starting with dusting as it often knocks debris onto the floor, ready to be scooped up by the vacuum later.

For dusting, you can use everything from an old towel to a Swiffer wand designed specifically for dust. Whichever you choose, make sure you wipe down every exposed surface in your home. This includes dressers, TV stands, mantles, lamps, and even the tops of photo frames. Once everything has had a wipedown, it is also worth it to check lower items like baseboards or underneath coffee tables. Dust has a knack for getting into all sorts of tight spaces.

Vacuum Carpeting and Rugs

With the upper level surfaces covered, you can move onto the flooring. Vacuuming the floors is something you’re most likely doing year round, but now is a great time to make sure you get into all the corners and spots you might not otherwise bother with.

If you have any rugs, take them outside and give them a good shake. This will knock loose any dirt that the vacuum may not have been able to get and while they’re up you can clean underneath where the rug usually lies.

Mop and Clean Hardwood Floors

For homes with hardwood floors, a mop or wood specific cleaner will do the trick. Some wood floor cleaning systems use different types of pads, so this can be a multi-step process. Use the dusting pad to start, scooping up any larger debris. The longer fibers will let dirt cling to it without smearing it across your floor. Then, use the microfiber cleaning pad and a wood floor solution to get rid of the smudges and smears. When you’re done the natural shine of your wood floors will show and you can walk around your home barefoot without constantly needing to knock dirt off your feet.

Clean Behind Furniture

If you hadn’t already moved the furniture to get into hard to reach spots, now is the time. While areas behind furniture don’t see any use or traffic, they still collect dust. And even though you can’t see the dirt back there, give yourself the peace of mind that your home is spotless from end to end by getting underneath and behind any furniture.

Wipe Down Windows

Let that spring light really shine through by giving your windows a wipe down with the venerable Windex or another similar glass cleaning solution. After snowy days and spring showers your windows are probably covered in smudges, dirt, and water spots. Giving your windows a good clean will not only make your rooms feel brighter, but also give an airier feel to your space.

Scrub Bathroom

While bathrooms aren’t necessarily prone to dust and dirt from outside, they still see their fair share of use. This means soap scum build up in the tubs, residue on tile grout, and remnants of toothpaste on the sink. Leave no room untouched by spending some time on your bathroom and give it a good cleaning. This way, no matter which room you are in, everything will feel fresh and ready for spring.

Clean Air Vents and Filters

All winter long your vents have been delivering warm air into your home to keep you comfortable. Over time, filters build up layers of dust and the ducts themselves can have dust clinging to the sides, ready to be spit back out into your newly cleaned home.

Don’t give that dust a chance by cleaning your air vents and replacing your air filters. Depending on the complexity of your ventilation systems, it may be easier to hire the pros to clean your air ducts. At Carbon Valley we can not only clean out your air ducts, but also give your A/C a tune up. This way you’ll be ready for those summer days when the mercury rises and you’re wishing for spring again.  

Start Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season for enjoying the outdoors and by following our spring cleaning guide you’ll love being in your home when you finally do head back in. Every surface will be clear of dust and you’ll be starting with a clean slate, making maintenance cleanings all spring and summer that much easier.

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