We have been using CVH&A since we moved into our house. The service has been excellent, they helped limp along our old furnaces and a/c units for the last 7+ years. We finally got the money to replace the old systems with new systems (furnace&a/c both upstairs and downstairs). Needless to say it was a significant amount of money and for that amount of money I feel there could have been a lot more attention to detail by the install crew. I won’t go into detail just that I was disappointed. Nevertheless, the new systems are functioning like they should and over all I will recommend CVH&A in the future.

Side note, Brian who is on the service side is very professional and took the time (over the years) to explain things to us, as the owner Josh has done as well. Both have been very patient and helpful in keeping our service costs down till we could afford to replace both of our old systems.

We will continue to use CVH&A in the future.

– Dick G.

‘- Warren W.