My furnace was blowing air without heat on 12/22. I called Carbon Valley heating and air to see if they could get me back up prior to the Christmas weekend. The initial service was great, they sent a tech same day. After he spent 5 hours at my house trying to sell me furnace cleaning services he stated that he could not get the unit blowing hot air and that it would need to be replaced. He stated that if i signed up for a new furnace that night he would work late and try to get my unit running. At that point I sent him home and investigated myself. The unit had a limit switch fault code. The tech told me that the problem was the main limit switch, but he could not get it working. That was because the problem was not the main limit switch, it was the auxiliary limit switch which had a manual reset. I reset the switch and the furnace has been working perfectly since. I do not know if this is typical with this company, but you need to watch out for them. My furnace had a very simple problem that any technician should have been able to fix. Either the tech is no good, or the company tactic is to con people into new units. Either way, I will never use this company again.

– Thad C.

‘- Warren W.