Carbon Valley Heating and Air Gives Away a Furnace

A cold winter night in Colorado can make us all appreciate a furnace that works! Just because your furnace works, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is working for you.

To bring awareness to higher efficiency and safer operation of today’s heating equipment, Carbon Valley Heating and Air held a month-long contest in October, looking for the oldest furnace in the Carbon Valley area. The winner would receive an 96% efficient furnace.

Carbon Valley Heating and Air owner Josh Robertson said, “It really is a great way to educate the local community on how much energy savings is possible by not only upgrading the efficiency, but also replacing a very old furnace that has lost efficiency over time.  Plus, giving away a furnace is the least we can do for a community that has given so much to us over the past 15 years.”

Carbon Valley Heating and Air received over 40 furnace entries for the contest. Twenty-nine furnaces were identified as potentially being the oldest and all 29 of those units were inspected by technicians from Carbon Valley Heating and Air to verify the manufacturer, model and serial numbers. The oldest furnace was found in Longmont and is in the home of Michael Jewell and Kris Jacque. Michael and Kris were very excited to learn their 64-year old furnace was the oldest entry in the contest.  The house, built in 1910, has had several owners and has gone through many changes over the years. The furnace, however, had not been updated since before 1950! “It was a great piece of engineering,” said Michael, “but we’ll be more than happy with our new high efficiency model.”

As part of the contest, Michael and Kris have agreed to provide copies of their utility bills for the year prior to and the year following the installation in order to track the savings. Carbon Valley Heating and Air will do an energy savings comparison next year and publish the results.

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