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Announcing the Winner of the Oldest Furnace Contest 2018!

January 16, 2019
Oldest Furnace Contest Winner.

Carbon Valley Heating and Air would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered our annual Oldest Furnace Contest!  We had so much fun combing through the entries and were shocked at just how old some of the units in our contest were!    The 2018 winner is Jerry McBride, who had…

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Finding and Choosing Certified HVAC Technicians

August 22, 2018
Finding and choosing certified HVAC technicians.

When it comes to fixing your heating and air conditioning in the Firestone, CO area, you have choices. From Boulder to Longmont and everywhere in between there are multiple companies you can hire. The difficulty in deciding on which company to hire happens when you consider who is certified and which companies have technicians you…

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Choosing a Thermostat

July 24, 2018
Different types of thermostats and how to choose.

You could have the most advanced air conditioning system available on the market, but without a thermostat, you wouldn’t be able to use it. This seemingly small piece of your HVAC system has a simple and important job – controlling the function of your heating and cooling system and regulating the temperature in your home.…

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