Easy Tricks to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

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In some areas of the country, temperatures can drop to single digits or even below freezing. While turning on the heater is a great way to stay warm and comfortable in winter, it can be expensive.

Heating homes accounts for over 70% of energy consumption. The good news is that there are simple and cost-effective ways to keep your home warm this winter. Here are some of them.

Let the sunlight in

During Winter months, it is best to open the blinds and curtains to let the sunlight in. It may not feel like it, but the sun will provide warmth to your home even in Winter months. Keep the curtains open during the day and take advantage of this free heat. Don’t forget to close your curtains after dusk to prevent heat loss.

Reverse fan flow

Ceiling fans help keep us cool during the Summer. Did you know that they can also come in handy in Winter?

The warm air produced by your heating system rises to the ceiling while cool air sinks. Keep your home warm and toasty this winter by turning on the ceiling fan. Press the reverse button to set your fan to spin clockwise. This will force warm air back down into your living space and you can turn the temperature down a few notches.

Running your ceiling fans clockwise during Winter months will help keep your home warm and save you 10% on heating cost.


Tiles are a great flooring option for your home. They look nice and are easy to clean. They are also easy to maintain because they are water resistant. However, tile flooring isn’t very comfortable to walk on in the Winter. Given the nature of this flooring material, they often feel cold under a bare feet. To avoid this, we recommend placing some rugs on top of the tile so you have a warm surface to walk on.

Maximize your insulation

If you live in a poorly insulated house, you have no choice but turn up the temperature setting on your furnace to maintain a comfortable heat setting.

Warm air rises. Because of this, 25% of your home’s heat is lost through your roof. To prevent heat from escaping, it is best to insulate the ceiling and attic well. Be sure to make roof repairs and stop all roof leaks prior to insulating the attic.

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