Free Furnace Give-Away: One Year Later

A little over a year ago Carbon Valley Heating and Air ran a month-long contest seeking the oldest furnace in the Carbon Valley area with the goal of raising awareness about the high efficiency heating equipment available today. Well, we did, in fact, find the oldest furnace!  Located in Firestone in the home of Leon and TJ Schweitzer, the furnace has managed to survive to the ripe old age of 37. Impressive!

The Story of the Schweitzers

It turns out that the furnace wasn’t the oldest thing in the Schweitzer house. The structure itself is 109 years old and the air circulated by the outdated window air conditioning units was aggravating TJ’s asthma. The winnings from the contest afforded the Schweitzers the opportunity to upgrade the furnace to a new, 97% efficient unit. In addition, they also decided to replace the window air conditioning units with an efficient A/C system, added a whole house humidifier, air purifier, and a new wireless programmable thermostat.

The expected benefits:

  • Lower home energy consumption
  • Lower utility costs
  • Increased comfort for the family and relief for TJ’s asthma

One Year Later…

We recently met with the Schweitzers to find out how they’re doing with their new comfort systems. TJ was very happy to report that her asthma has been much less troublesome for the past year. In fact, TJ said the entire family is much more comfortable, with far fewer bloody noses caused by dry air. An added bonus- the air purifier and HEPA filter on the furnace have alleviated the dust problem that TJ had been battling for years.

Numbers Don’t Lie

A close look at the Schweitzers’ utility bill reveals just how much more efficient the new configuration has proven to be.  Despite the 14% increase in heating demands caused by colder winter weather, the Schweitzers used the same amount of fuel as the previous, less cold, year. The Schweitzers also increased the square footage being heated and raised the temperature two degrees.

To recap: We have colder temperatures outside combined with warmer temperatures inside, yet energy consumption was less and heating costs were lower. That’s great news for the Schweitzers!

The new air conditioning system has also proven its worth. By replacing the noisy window units that were in the living room only with a whole home high-efficiency cooling unit, air purifier, and humidifier, the Schweitzers lowered their electricity usage by more than 6%! AND they cooled more rooms in their home!

Not only are they conserving energy and spending less on utilities, their home is more comfortable all year long!  “You’ve changed our lives for the positive,” said Mrs. Schweitzer.

The bottom line is that new, energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment has a positive impact on the environment, your bank account, and your comfort – well worth the investment! We are very happy for the Schweitzers and are grateful that we had the opportunity to improve their lives. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you how your life can be improved too!


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