Carbon Valley Heating & Air Announces Winner of the Oldest Furnace Contest

Oldest Furnace Contest creates a cozy home in Colorado.

Carbon Valley Heating and Air would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who entered our oldest furnace contest!

We had so much fun combing through the entries and were shocked at just how old some of these units were!

This year’s winner is Kathy Simmons, who had a 41-year-old Duo-Therm furnace. We are delighted to bring our expert installation services to Kathy’s home. With our guaranteed installations, experienced & NATE certified technicians, Kathy can rest easy knowing that her new Revolv furnace will work exactly as it should.

Josh of Carbon Valley said, “We are happy to give back to the community and provide a new more efficient furnace to a customer in need.”


Our oldest furnace contest requires applicants to submit photos and details about their current furnace, with the oldest and most out of date winning a brand new furnace and installation.

The contest also awarded prizes to three runners up. The runners up all received a carbon monoxide detector, to ensure continued safety, in the event of any carbon monoxide leaks in their homes.

Customer safety is on top of mind with old furnaces, the EPA states the average AC or furnace lasts about 12 years. After that, the danger of operating that system goes up exponentially the older it gets. If you have questions about your older model or need assistance give us a call and speak with one of our expert team members. We’re happy to help you with the process of purchasing a new heating unit, and offer the best service around.

For your chance to win, be sure to keep an eye out for the 2018 Oldest Furnace Contest in October!

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